Wednesday, April 26, 2006

7 Ways to Find a Job. No, 8! Aaaaah!!

From Secrets of the Job Hunt: 7 Unique Ways to Find a Job

I particularly like #2, write a white paper (and the closely related #7, write a case study). An insightful paper on a hot topic has value to the people you want to be talking to. It transforms a cold email from "hi, I'm looking for work" into something that might get circulated inside your target company. It gives you something to talk about when the interviewer asks what you've done recently, and it gives you something substantive to add to your blog (and résumé).

Once you write your paper, be sure to put it on your web site (or blog), and use a web analytics service (such as StatCounter) to track it. The web stats will tell you who's reading the paper (typically company names or ISPs, not individual names) and how they found it. Most of your visitors will find the paper through search engines, and the stats will tell you what search terms led them to you.


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