Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Use attention-getting headlines to stand out

Harry Joiner has advice for candidates on getting found on Monster:
My advice to candidates: Change your headline to tell us what we need to know: Function / Company / Industry / Salary / Relocation preference.

Like this: Email Marketing / Land's End / Multichannel Retail / $85K / Will Relo

If you can add your SIC code next to your industry, so much the better. It won't matter to most recruiters, but it will matter to some. At a minimum, you should use OSHA's SIC code lookup to identify your industry, even if you don't refer to the numeric code. My point is, the more specific you can be, the better your headline will pull.

There are two steps to being found amid the résumés on Monster or other job boards. First, you have to match the search criteria that the recruiter is using. This is where using the right keywords is critical.

Once you match the search criteria, and this is Harry's point, you still have to catch the recruiter's attention from the list of matching candidates. A generic headline is much less attention-grabbing than one that summarizes the key points. As usual, it helps if you actually are what the recruiter is looking for.


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