Wednesday, July 05, 2006

8 reasons recruiters don't call

A bunch of blogging recruiters are trading blogs this week. Writing on Jim Durbin's StlRecruiting blog today, Jim Stroud lists eight reasons recruiters never call you:
  1. Too many responses and not enough time.
  2. Many resumes received are not even in the ballpark of what is being advertised.
  3. [Your message may have been caught in a spam filter.]
  4. The position advertised is a proactive measure by the company to solicit resumes in advance of budget approval for additional headcount.
  5. The hiring manager wants to hire a friend, but must follow company protocol which includes publicizing the opening.
  6. The hiring manager wants to promote someone internally, but wants to “window shop” before committing to the hire.
  7. The hiring manager is on a never-ending quest for the non-existent “perfect candidate.”
  8. You were submitted to the company by a searchfirm.

It's not just a list; he includes tips for jobseekers for each item.

Notice that none of the items says "it's personal." In fact, some of them are entirely out of your control, and some listings don't even represent real openings. Recruiters can be your ally if you know how to work with them.


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