Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Links as proof of qualification?

Here's a new twist on employers using the Internet to identify candidates from Techdirt:
Someone recently told me that they were trying to recruit for a job opening, and he planned to find candidates not by advertising the job itself, but by putting together a list of bloggers who had a certain four or five blogs listed in their blogroll (Techdirt was one, apparently)—allowing him to pre-qualify candidates who might fit the job he was trying to fill without calling for resumes. So, even when you're not officially looking for jobs, your online presence can be important.

This search technique only works for finding bloggers, since blogrolls are found on blogs (although you could create a similar list on your personal web site). For this approach to find you, you'll need to be active online, writing about the things you do and linking to the right sources. It's a more advanced, and probably more specialized, game than posting a résumé with the right keywords and headlines.

Finding the right answer when you Google yourself is the first step. Being found by people who are searching for you by description—not by name—takes things to the next level. Do it right, and your online presence will lead people in search of your kind of expertise directly to you.



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