Thursday, July 06, 2006

Recommended by the recruiter

It's not just you. Recruiters have noticed that the system isn't working. Ben Gotkin summarizes the problem in recruiting technology is not flat (yet) (via Deb Dib):
The first generation of recruiting technology (job boards and applicant tracking systems) created an environment that has frustrated job seekers and recruiters alike. Job boards and applicant tracking systems have not done a good job in connecting the right people with the right jobs, and have not been effective tools to reach passive job seekers.

Ben suggests five tools that he has used successfully as a recruiter: Jobster, ZoomInfo, LinkedIn, Simply Hired and Indeed. Read his post for a quick idea of how each is useful. The key here is that Ben's recommending these tools as a recruiter, not as a job search coach. If you want to be found, be where they're looking.


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