Thursday, August 03, 2006

Convenient search for career advice

Have you noticed the glut of career advice on the Internet these days? If you were to try to read all of the career-related blogs, you wouldn't have any time left to find a job!

Enter CHiMBY, CM Russell's new vertical search engine for career advice (vertical search means that all of CHiMBY's results should be on topic for jobseekers). Here's the short description:
CHiMBY is a vertical search engine that indexes career advice information within a small but highly respected network of authors, bloggers and career media sources in order to provide the best answers to your career advice questions. Each source is hand-picked to ensure fresh, relevant results. The information you'll find comes from an exclusive club of career advice experts.

I'm honored that this blog is one of the over 200 indexed by CHiMBY. Next time you're looking for advice on a specific career topic, give it a try.

We are a CHiMBY recommended career advice site



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