Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Help recruiters find you

I've posted before on using the right keywords to show up in recruiter's Internet searches. The advice applies to résumés that you post online or submit to employers (remember, many employers are using database searches to comb through the résumés they receive). It also applies to the rest of your online presence—your web site, blog, biographies connected to articles or conference participation, and your profile on services like LinkedIn.

Now Jim Stroud has added his suggested search tips for recruiters. These are web search suggestions, so to benefit from this directly, you need to post your résumé on a web site somewhere. If you don't have your own web site, you may be able to upload your résumé somewhere, but it needs to be visible as a web page, not locked in some database.

Jim's advice for recruiters implies three tips for jobseekers:
  1. Do include words that Jim tells recruiters to search for. Note that he suggests searching for "resume" in the title or URL of a web page. If your résumé is on the web but its name doesn't include "resume," this search wouldn't find it.

  2. Don't include words that make your résumé look like a template or sample (e.g., submit, openings, template, tips, submission, sample).

  3. Do include the right keywords for your specialty. This is the meat of the query, where a recruiter or employer searches on job requirements. This is why you include buzzwords, technologies, companies, and any other words that hiring managers would use if they were looking for someone just like you.

People can find your web presence in two ways: either they're looking for you, or they're looking for something about you. An online presence that works into recruiters' searches will help people find you when they're not looking for you by name, which can be a powerful way to extend your visibility in the market.


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