Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A random walk down employment street

uCheez: Employment Site Shuffle
I can't quite decide if this is useful or just entertaining. Joel Cheesman's uCheez (via Recruiting.com) is a new website featuring a big button that shuffles visitors through a collection of career-related web sites. In my quick tour, I saw sites for Hispanic and bilingual jobs, accountants in the UK, JobCentral, and—big surprise—Joel's blog. I saw targeted job boards for local and international markets, too.

uCheez is an interesting experiment. Web sites pay for joining the shuffle, which jobseekers can use to discover new resources. With so many career-related web sites online, this could be helpful. But the site design breaks the browser's "back" button and history feature, so you'll need to be careful to keep track of the sites you like. Click on "Close uCheez" to see the original web site and URL. If you forget and want to go back to one of the sites you passed, you could end up clicking the shuffle button a lot.



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