Monday, September 18, 2006

Trendy jobs seek well-rounded people

Internet trends are doing some interesting things to the IT job market. Angus Loten has some insights in a Fast Company article, The Jobs of Web 2.0. The first trend is a new round of goofy job titles (PHP Ninja?). The second is jobs that require new combinations of technical and non-technical skills.
As such, standard tech job listings on cutting-edge sites like CrunchBoard or 37 Signals often call for "excellent communications skills" on top of LAMP, DRUPAL, AJAX and open source experience. They also co-mingle with listings for consumer insight directors, online audience managers and other marketing-like positions.

"People aren't just looking for a designer or a programmer anymore," said Jason Fried of 37Signals, a Chicago-based software firm that recently launched a Web 2.0 jobs board. "They're looking for programmers who appreciate design and designers who can program, among other skills. Basically, workers who are well-rounded and flexible," he said. [...]

For Pete Snyder, the CEO of New Media Strategies, an online branding firm based in Arlington, Va., most Web 2.0 employees have to speak two languages: programming and marketing.

Bottom line: Internet innovations are contributing to an IT job market recovery, but you'll need to be more than an old-fashioned code jockey to take advantage of the new trends.



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