Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Use LinkedIn to create an online presence

When you Google yourself, are you lost in a crowd of people with the same name? Would you like to be easier to find?

Todd Defren suggests using your LinkedIn profile to create a permalink for your career . As Scott Allen points out, a profile on LinkedIn may be especially useful to people with more common names who have trouble standing out in search results:
...A lot of professionals are starting to use their LinkedIn profiles as a sort of "professional home page" that's independent of their company. Because of the LinkedIn domain's popularity, these profile pages tend to do well in the search engines. This may not be a big deal for people with very distinctive names, but for those of us with more common names, that’s a good thing.

Two thoughts here: First, if you're hard to pick out of the search results on your name, this might be worth trying. Second, everyone who uses LinkedIn should know that your profile is searchable on the major search engines. The personal background you share on LinkedIn is visible to everyone, just one more bread crumb on the trail to your online reputation.



At 7/18/2007 6:43 PM, Anonymous Criminal Background Check said...

Other things to watch out for include what you place on your facebook, myspace or other social networking sites. Employers are now starting to scour perspective employees Social Networking sites such as Facebook, and MySpace to see what they are up to in their own time. Let alone their political views. Cheers.


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